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Reduce Risk with Intel® Architecture: White Paper

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Reduce Risk with Intel® Architecture: White Paper

“No big bets, no blue chips,” goes the old saying. “No guts, no glory” is the somewhat earthier version. “Go big or go home,” say sports fans—at least, while their team is winning. As spectators, we like to root for the underdog, the audacious come-from-behind winner against all odds. But as responsible engineering managers, our goals are somewhat different.

Engineering management is all about moderating risk. Not avoiding risk entirely, of course. But managing risk, balancing the rewards, and keeping resources and revenue in sight. It’s a tricky balancing act, which is why good managers are worth their weight in gold. The proper balance of risk versus reward and innovation versus conservatism is what makes for a great development team.

Intel’s popular microprocessor family is designed to strike just that balance. It’s simultaneously the most aggressive choice and the safest one. Intel® processors are leading-edge while also being widespread and familiar. They’re innovative and safe at the same time: The reward without the risk.

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