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White Paper: Intel® Architecture (IA) for Commercial Automation

Convert Commercial Automation Systems to Intel® Architecture

Executive Summary
The use of Intel®-based technologies and Intel® architecture in the commercial automation segment such as Building Automation Systems (BAS) is virtually non-existent today. This raises possibilities for conversion of existing commercial automation products from PowerPC* and other architectures to IA to bring innovation to this segment through its application in terms of performance, functionality, scalability, and stability.
Technologies such as Intel® vPro™ technology can be used as a device management tool to manage BAS networks in the future. This paper also looks into the possibility of applying WiMAX* or other wired/wireless communication technologies in the building automation industry. The innovation in the communication aspect of BAS networks is slow due to cost and technology limitations.
Communication technologies such as WiMAX* could potentially serve as replacement to traditional wired networks in BAS networks and could potentially reduce costs for the end user since cost of wiring contributes to a large portion of the cost of a projects. Also, enhancing wireless communication could enable the installation of such systems in existing buildings, since wiring work would not be required. Thunderbolt™ technology could be used to replace traditional 2-wire copper cables such as the RS485 daisy chained networks.

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