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Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

Bridging End-to-End Solutions for IoT

250+ Members and 2,500+ Solutions

Make your embedded solutions smarter and better connected through scalable, interoperable solutions designed to accelerate the deployment of intelligent devices, systems of systems, and end-to-end analytics.  Members of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provide the hardware, software, firmware, tools, and systems integration that developers need to take a leading role in the rise of the Internet of Things. View the member roster >

  • One of the world's most recognized and trusted technology ecosystems: With more than 250 members, the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance includes leading solution and service providers from a broad range of industries. Partnering with Intel IoT Solutions Alliance members can help you reduce risk and lower development costs. 
  • Leading-edge solutions: Intel IoT Solutions Alliance members benefit from early access to roadmaps, test platforms, and design support. This helps them innovate with the latest technologies to give you first-in-market solutions you can use to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Faster time to market: Intel IoT Solutions Alliance members collaborate closely with Intel and each other to release optimized, interoperable solutions based on the latest Intel® processors. Their proven, tested products mean faster time to market for you.
  • Design and development expertise: The experience Intel IoT Solutions Alliance members have in working with Intel® processors and technologies can give you a significant head start in your own design efforts.
  • Selection: More than 2,500 solutions based on Intel® technology—from component-level products, such as boards and software, to fully integrated systems—are ready to fulfill practically every performance and form factor requirement.
  • Long lifecycle support: Intel's 7-year extended lifecycle support for embedded processors and chipsets protects your development investment.

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Embedded Innovator Magazine: Design Solutions for Intelligent Systems

Stay informed on the latest trends transforming the embedded industry. Get fresh ideas, solutions, and news you can use to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance Ecosystem

Get the skills, expertise and services you need to speed your innovative solutions to market.

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Embedded Community: A World of Ideas for Intelligent Systems

Engage, interact, and get new ideas from fellow developers, system integrators, and Intel experts in the Intel® Embedded Community.

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Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

Embedded Innovator

The embedded industry moves fast. Keep up with it through the magazine that brings you design solutions for intelligent IoT systems.

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Intel® Embedded Design Center

Access detailed design documentation, tools, and training to quickly turn your ideas for IoT systems into innovative solutions.

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Find the best solution for your project from more than 250 Intel® IoT Alliance members. Speed development, cut costs, and eliminate design roadblocks to go to market faster.

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