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Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance

Membership overview


The Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance program has four tiers. The Premier, Associate, and Affiliate membership levels are invitation-only, based on criteria such as ecosystem alignment, business objectives, and technology advancement. The fourth tier, General members, is by application.

Our Vision

The Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance seeks to build a strong and sustainable market advantage through a solution-centered ecosystem program based on Intel® architecture. We work to drive revenue growth and market share for our members.

Member companies are committed to developing modular, standards-based building blocks, platforms, and solutions based on technologies, processors, products, and services from Intel. By aligning with Intel and using standards-based, modular building blocks, Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance members provide their customers with a full range of performance, faster time to profit, greater opportunity for innovation, easier software development, and a trusted supply line based on the Intel® Embedded Platform Roadmap.

Membership Benefits

General members of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance receive promotional, educational, and business networking benefits including:

  • Listing company and Intel-aligned products in the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance solutions directory. This directory is an online searchable database that provides developers, OEMs, and the Intel sales team with quick access to member product, company, and category information.
  • Access to a General members-only web site with information and updates on Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance solutions for the embedded segments as well as business networking information and co-marketing guidelines.
  • Periodic Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance newsletter with the latest news and information on Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance benefits, ecosystem solutions, and Intel® embedded products directions and market segments to help General members support Intel products and technologies.
  • Authorized text to identify companies as Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance General members in promotional materials.

Eligibility and Requirements

A company is eligible to become a General member of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance if it:

  • Currently provides a product or service(s) aligned in single or multiple areas of supply-line capability with Intel® architecture, and the modular communications platform or applications or solutions that drive market segment demand for platforms and network infrastructure from Intel. The qualifying product(s) or service(s) are publicly listed on the company's web site and in production.
  • Has worldwide or geographical capability for services, support, and integrated supply.

To remain in good standing as a General member of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance, a company must:

  • Provide current company and contact information
  • Provide current and accurate solutions directory information
  • Supply consistent product information for the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance member

Enroll Today

To find out if your company is eligible to become a General member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance and to begin the enrollment process, complete and submit the application. The Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance will reply to your application within 15 business days.

Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance

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