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Embedded Systems Greener World: Industrial Control Solutions Guide

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Embedded Systems Greener World: Industrial Control Solutions Guide

Embedded Systems for Industrial Control in a Greener World

To meet the demands for energy efficiency for cost savings and to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming, Intel stands ready with the technologies, the product roadmaps, and the vision for a greener future.

Efficiency. It’s a word we use every day. At the first level, it means doing more with the same amount of resources, making better use of time, money, or energy. At the next level, it is doing more with fewer resources. No industry or technology in history has had more success at increasing efficiency at all levels over all resources than the computer industry. That success has now given the world the opportunity to use that technology to improve efficiency over all areas of life: personal, industrial, and public. Today, Intel is poised with new technologies, new products, and a new vision to enable intelligent automation for a more efficient, cleaner, and, above all, greener world.

And that technology is backed by a huge number of talented programmers and engineers along with a host of sophisticated development tools that can get Intel®-based systems designed, integrated, installed, and connected. These are backed by a host of OEM partners who already offer Intel® Atom™ processor and multi-core-based COM and SBC modules with memory, I/O, BIOS, and operating systems installed and verified. This selection of Intel®-based technology comes in a wide array of form factors and configurations that can be built into new or existing equipment to give it the embedded intelligence for energy-efficient operation in scores of application areas.

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