Kakadu Software Development Kit* for High-Quality JPEG2000

Kakadu Software Development Kit* for High-Quality JPEG2000

The Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v2 family provides higher efficiency and performance for the Kakadu Software Development Kit* for JPEG2000, offering a highly optimized software toolkit for digital cinema rendering and other applications.

Kakadu Software, a business of New South Innovations based at the University of New South W...ales in Sydney, Australia, provides a broad and solid foundation for applications using JPEG2000. The Kakadu Software Development Kit (SDK) is a comprehensive, heavily optimized, fully compliant software toolkit offered to JPEG2000 developers through Kakadu customers, who are independent software vendors (ISVs). Through this software framework, which provides a solid foundation for a range of both commercial and non-commercial applications, Kakadu aims to encourage the widespread adoption of JPEG2000 through consistent and efficient implementation of the standard, which is widely available for both academic and commercial applications. Kakadu collaborated with Intel to build and enhance this software to provide a more efficient and high-performance toolkit for JPEG2000 developers.

• Improve Kakadu software’s memory efficiency and execution speed. Ensure Kakadu software has enhanced memory and faster performance execution.
• Increase throughput.

Read the full Kakadu Software Development Kit* for High-Quality JPEG2000* Solution Brief.

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