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Get Pumped Up with a Digital Trainer

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Get Pumped Up with a Digital Trainer: Case Study

Getting Pumped Up with a Digital Trainer
Fitness center members get a personalized fitness program and step-by-step coaching using an economical training system.

• Fast response: In real-time, the digital trainer needed to “see” the user’s form and provide a success-based response.
• Fun and engaging: The system had to encourage users to consistently push themselves and make daily progress towards goals.

• Powerful processors: Using dual-core Intel® Core™ i5 processors, Respondesign ensures its gesture recognition software executes quickly.
• Personalized exercises: The training system responds to the needs of the user throughout the customized workout and provides step-by-step coaching from warm-up to cool-down.

• Member satisfaction: Users get instant instruction on proper form, both through demonstration and verbal instruction.
• Constant motivation: Users can monitor daily progress towards goals that are adapted to their health and fitness levels and can be accessed from anywhere via a website.

Fitness club owners and operators are always on the lookout for new ways to keep members more engaged. Increasing customer participation levels not only yields greater health benefits and personal satisfaction, it also pumps up member commitment and thus drives a more profitable business.

Personal trainers are effective at keeping clients motivated, but the cost is often out of reach for most. Respondesign, a leader in fitness gaming products, created a cost-effective alternative, MayaFit*, the world’s first digital fitness trainer. After making its introduction in home fitness games, MayaFit is vastly improved, with state-of-the-art interaction, artificial intelligence, and goal tracking technologies that complement contemporary fitness centers and clubs. The training system, pedestal or wall mounted, uses a 3D sensor that sees the member’s form, allowing the system to score routines and offer suggestions and praise.

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