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Avoiding New Design Errors When Using Intel® Ethernet Controllers

Avoid New Design Errors When Using Intel® Ethernet Controllers

This document was created to help designers using Intel® LAN controllers avoid the most common issues that can cause them to lose valuable time needed to complete their design and get it to market on time. Equally valuable is the reduction in frustration every engineer experiences when a design has problems requiring troubleshooting and, if unable to solve it, contacting customer support for assistance. The issues are divided into three basic categories:
• Documentation and Software Issues
• Schematic Design Issues
• Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout Issues


This document discusses the most commonly repeated issues design engineers have experienced. Design engineers should follow the instructions in this document when checking new designs to help avoid any unnecessary lost time and frustration.

References to specific Ethernet controllers by part number is avoided. The desire is to list the issues common across multiple devices. Specific devices are referenced only when absolutely necessary such as when an issue is seen on only one device that is used by many different designers.

Read the full Avoid New Design Errors Checklist.

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