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Enterprise Security: Laptop Anti-Theft Protection

Disable access to missing laptops

Intel® Anti-theft Technology

Giving users access to corporate data and application through remote laptops boosts productivity, but it can also leave IT vulnerable to hackers and misplaced laptops. Intel® Anti-Theft Technology is built into the laptop hardware, helping IT administrators outwit thieves, even when they attempt to reimage the OS, change the boot order, or install a new hard drive.  When laptops with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) become lost or stolen, they can be remotely disabled. If the laptop is recovered, it can be quickly reactivated to normal operation.

Safeguard corporate laptops with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology

See how Intel® AT provides peace of mind by helping keep company laptops and assets safe.

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Maximized hardware-assisted security and manageability with Intel® vProTM Technology

Intel® vProTM technology is a set of security and manageability capabilities built into the 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM vProTM processor family, Intel® chipsets, and network adapters.

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