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Lower Industrial Protocol Costs: Solution Brief

Lower Industrial Protocol Costs: Solution Brief

Industrial applications require performance and precision for high-speed, predictable timing of events. For example, a robot arm must be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to perform an operation on a manufacturing line, and the control system that robot is connected to must be able to process data fast enough to accurately c...ontrol the overall process.

Industrial protocols such as POWERLINK* deliver high predictability, but increasing demands for predictability and performance tend to drive up the cost of the underlying hardware. Typical off-the-shelf Ethernet controllers, even when used in a real-time OS, are not capable of the levels of predictability (low jitter) required for demanding industrial applications, and as a result, expensive FPGA-based solutions are typically used. The Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 stands apart from other off-the-shelf Ethernet controllers, delivering both high performance and high predictability while lowering the implementation cost for even more highly demanding usages of POWERLINK.

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