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Project RED

A global toolkit for education transformation


As part of Intel’s ongoing commitment to advance excellence in education worldwide, we are proud to be a founding sponsor of Project RED. Project RED conducted the first and only national research and advocacy plan to investigate how technology can help reengineer education systems for successful and sustainable education transformation.

Based on this research and driven by a need from our global customers, we are pleased to announce Project RED: A Global Toolkit for Education Transformation. This toolkit provides the Project RED research, tools, and actionable steps for centralized and decentralized education systems to implement the Project RED learnings to create successful students and stimulate local and global economies.

Download the full Project RED: Global Toolkit for Education Transformation >

Or, see specific chapters in the links below:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

An overview of Project RED, with keys to implementing successful programs, understanding centralized and decentralized education systems, and first steps for turning research into practice.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Leadership is Essential for Transformation

How to craft a shared strategic education technology vision, with implementation tools and leadership recommendations.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Policy

Covers the importance of government policy, keys to effective policy, Project RED keys to policy success, and information on acceptable use and digital citizenship.             

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Curriculum and Assessment

Discusses Project RED measurements of success, how to embrace a student-centered approach to instruction, formative and summative assessments, and curriculum recommendations.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Research and Evaluation

Features program assessment and independent external evaluation, and research and evaluation recommendations.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Professional Development

Reviews Project RED professional learning findings, explores professional learning versus training, and professional development recommendations.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Information and Communication Technology

How to start the information and communication technology (ICT) journey, transitioning from 20:1 to 1:1, and information communication technology recommendations.

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Chapter 8 and conclusion

Chapter 8 and Conclusion: Sustainable Resourcing and Student Success and Economic Development

Learn about the financial impact of 1:1 eLearning, best practices of initial investment and long-term sustainability, sustainable resourcing recommendations, and student success and economic development that are at the core of education transformation.

Read chapter 8 and conclusion >

For quick reference, download the checklists from each chapter of the Project RED Toolkit:

Read Project RED Transformation Checklist >

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Video: Project RED revoluntionizes education

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Education leaders discuss a new cost-effective technology-based platform for teaching and learning.

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