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Kno™ Products, Part of Intel® Education

Platforms and tools to make content come alive in the classroom

Kno* for schools


Intel® Education software, Kno™, makes it easy to effectively integrate meaningful technology solutions that drive teacher performance, student engagement, and learning success in the classroom. These comprehensive multi-platform solutions support the development of 21st century learning skills among students.

  • All-in-one classroom management platform that promotes discussion, collaboration, and content sharing
  • Tools that enable smooth deployment and management of user devices and content at scale across schools and regions
  • Analytics that link students’ performance to engagement with digital content, helping educators identify at-risk students and personalize instruction
  • Deep publisher relationships form the basis of Kno's large digital catalog of K-12 and higher education content

Watch students engage in 21st century learning with the Kno™ App:  High school | Elementary school


Kno™ App

The Kno App is an innovative mobile education application that provides students with rich digital content and learning experiences. The app enhances instructional and learning experiences by bringing content to life with interactive features such as highlighting, notes, search, and multi-media links.

Kno's deep relationships with publishers provide access to a large catalog of digital materials through the Kno App, which is available on a wide variety of devices and platforms, including iOS*, Android*, Windows* 7 and 8, and web browsers.

Kno™ app


Key Benefits

  • Synchronize work across platforms
  • Share notes and highlights with the class
  • Collect notes into one linked document
  • Track student engagement with content
  • Create and access interactive multi-media links

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Videos:  High school  | Elementary school

Kno™ for Schools

Kno for Schools provides districts and schools with a turnkey solution to streamline digital education, from content distribution to user management. And it is supported by Kno’s powerful cloud services and multi-platform content application.

Advantages include savings in management efforts, self-sufficient technical support, and cloud-enabled backup and sync. Kno’s extensive digital content catalog features eTextbooks from leading publishers and in the future, content produced by schools and teachers.

Kno™ for Schools


Key Benefits

  • Organizational and user data from student information system (SIS)
  • Efficient content distribution
  • Administrative time-saving, and self-sufficient support
  • Cloud-enabled backup and sync
  • Gateway to student data and analytics

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Kno™ for Schools - Insight

Kno for Schools - Insight is a data-driven solution that can improve pedagogical effectiveness through data visualization. Student data, displayed as targeted graphs, link student grades to actual engagement with their digital content, such as digital textbooks. As a result, low-performing, at-risk students can be identified much earlier, and appropriate measures can be taken to improve learning outcomes.

Kno™ Insight


Key Benefits

  • Understand students' engagement with content
  • Link engagement to grades
  • Identify low-performing, at-risk students
  • Facilitate parent-teacher connections

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Kno™ for Publishers

Kno for Publishers transforms district curriculum and print titles into interactive eBooks instantly and at no cost to the publisher or author.

Text books, supplemental materials, and curriculum guides become instantly searchable and highly interactive, creating collaborative learning experiences for educators and students. Publishers can update or enhance an eBook by adding interactive content as new research is made available with videos, audio, web sites, and simulations.

Kno for Publishers


Key Benefits

  • Access to the industry's largest catalog with more than 225,000 digital titles from over 80 publishers
  • Convert print catalog to digital in days, at no cost
  • Enhance any book with multi-media links
  • Create interactive end-of-chapter questions and assessments
  • Keep publications up-to-date post-production

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