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Intel®-Based Chromebooks* for Education

Less waiting, more learning

Better, faster experience for students and teachers

Today’s students need fast, responsive computing devices with long battery life—if the device takes too long to load and forces them to constantly worry about battery life, it will be hard to keep them focused and engaged.

Teachers need this, too—the less time they spend waiting for devices to open an app or document, the sooner they can start teaching and the more likely students are to be engaged and stay engaged.

The engineering firm Principled Technologies put two Chromebooks* through real classroom learning scenarios, and the report card is clear: with the Intel® processor-powered Chromebook, students can get to learning faster, waste less time waiting, and continue learning.

Spend less time waiting, more time learning.

Chromebooks in the Classroom: A Comparison Principled Technologies test report, commissioned by Intel. January, 2014


Things you need to know about Google Chromebook*

Excerpt from Intel IQ

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Intel Chromebooks provide light productivity at an affordable price and are on par with full-featured laptops when it comes to rich Web experience and long battery life.

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Safety in the Cloud

Files are safe even if your device is lost, dropped, or stolen. And your storage space is maximized and your data is automatically and securely synchronized over WiFi.

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Sleek and Light Designs

Beautiful designs that are lightweight, quiet, and small enough to fit into a purse or backpack. They can be taken on the go for fast e-mail access, a quick blog update, and note taking.

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Web Experience

An Intel-powered Chromebook provides faster Web experience with instant response to applications. Web pages load quickly, provide great HD video playback, and allow multiple pages to run at the same time.

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Chrome* Applications

Intel has partnered with Chrome App developers to ensure that apps running on an Intel-powered Chromebook take advantage of the increased performance for a better experience.

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Affordability Counts

For as low as $199, get the power of Intel® Celeron®-based Chromebooks, offering a smooth video playback and graphics rendering, great multi-tasking, and an overall fast Web experience.

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