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Tools for Student-Centered Learning Australia

Free tools and resources from Intel Education

Free tools and resources to help students develop 21st century skills

Our online tools create active learning environments where students can engage in discussions, analyse information, pursue investigations, and solve problems. You’ll also find teaching resources, including lesson plans, assessment strategies, and technology-enriched project ideas for all K–12 subjects.

Mobile Scenarios for K12 App

Scan and select inspiring lesson plans spanning grade levels and subject areas.  Detailed scenarios provide you with ideas and resources to use mobile learning activities effectively with your students.

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Mobile Learning & Intel Education Apps

Intel Education apps including Visual Ranking App, Learn Windows 8 plus more apps in development!

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skoool TM


This free interactive program provides high-quality interactive maths and science resources, which are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

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Visual Ranking Tool

Visual Ranking Tool

Help your students identify and refine criteria as they assign rankings to a list. This tool can help them better organize ideas, debate differences, and reach a consensus.

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Assessing Projects Tool

Assessing Projects Tool

Develop or create assessments that address your students’ critical thinking and collaboration skills. You can also learn strategies to help make assessment an integral part of your teaching.

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Seeing Reason Tool

Seeing Reason Tool

Help students understand the cause-and-effect relationships of complex systems. This tool allows them to create visual maps that organize their ideas and build their collaborative reasoning skills.

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Showing Evidence Tool

Showing Evidence Tool

Teach students how to use a visual framework to construct a well-reasoned argument and prove their case with credible evidence.

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Help Guide

Intel® Education Help Guide

Promote technology literacy skills in your classroom with this set of easy-to-follow, task-based activities. The guide helps build students’ abilities in areas such as word processing, spreadsheets, and multimedia.

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Designing Effective Projects

Designing Effective Projects

Gather ideas from a collection of exemplary unit plans that integrate technology into classroom projects, and learn how to design your own technology-rich teaching plan.

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Teachers Engage Community

Teachers Engage Community

You’re invited to join our online community, where you can engage in real-time conversations with other educators and find resources focusing on effective uses of technology in K–12 classrooms.

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The Journey Inside

The Journey InsideSM

Give your students—and yourself—an opportunity to learn about technology, computers, and society with this collection of 35 visually inspiring interactive online lessons.

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Technology literacy

Technology Literacy

Help your middle school students become technology literate while learning language arts, math, science, social studies, and fine arts.

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It's a Wild Ride

It's a Wild Ride

Discover an interdisciplinary project enriched by technology that uses the design of a roller coaster to engage students in math, science, and language arts.

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Design and Discovery

Design and Discovery

Spark students’ interest in the areas of science and engineering as they use hands-on activities to design creative solutions to everyday problems.

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Khan Academy Apps on Intel AppUp® center

Help students learn what they want, at their own pace.  About 10 minutes long each, the videos cover math, chemistry and physics. This free interactive program aims to advance education around the world by illustrating the benefits of high-quality multimedia technology.

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