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Technology in the Classroom

Preparing students for a knowledge-driven economy

Digital and online technologies are constantly transforming education. In fact, it has been estimated that, in the future, 85% of jobs will require information and communication technology (ICT) skills1. Intel’s continued mission is to provide students and educators around the world with the tools they need to excel in today’s knowledge economy.


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Build your eLearning solution

Start designing and implementing your eLearning solution using Intel's K–12 planning programs, tools, and resources.

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The advantages of digital content

Discover all the ways digital content is changing the educational environment for both students and teachers, and learn how to fund it.

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Resources for 21st century schools 

Discover Intel’s range of related programs and guidelines for implementing technology in K–12 education.

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Technology for education

See how Intel® technologies can support flexible, cost-effective solutions for K–12 digital classrooms.

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Deployment and evaluation

See the results of your efforts with guides and best practices for evaluating ICT and eLearning deployments.

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Product and Performance Information


1. Confederation of British Industry study, UK