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Intel® Teach Elements Australia

Because great teachers never stop learning

Intel® Teach Elements is a series of 4 free, interactive eLearning courses that can be taken anytime, anywhere. These compelling courses have been localized for Australia and provide deeper exploration of key 21st century learning concepts for all teachers.


Each Intel Teach Elements course includes online modules (c 5 hours) and offline action planning (c 10 hours).  They can be taken individually, in any order and require no prior IT skills.  Intel Teach Elements courses are evidence-based and designed by teachers for teachers.


Each Intel Teach Elements course resembles an animated tutorial including audio narration and dialogues and interactive exercises to check your understanding.


Complimentary Facilitation Kits are available for each course to support teachers who wish to mentor colleagues throughout the course.  Facilitated courses involve discussion and sharing with peers, and therefore additional hours to those above.


Starting in 2014, Intel® Teach Elements courses now offer teachers the opportunity to earn professional learning certificates.  Teachers in any jurisdiction can now undertake a short quiz at the end of each course if they wish to receive a certificate for 5 hours for completion of the online modules.  All teachers are advised to check in advance in case they can obtain a certificate through their employer/jurisdiction for longer hours (action planning time included).  This may particularly apply to teachers who are employed by the NSW and Victorian Education Departments and some Catholic Education Offices.


Intel® Teach Elements courses have been mapped to the Australian National Professional Teacher Standards (NPTS). You can download the NPTS Reference Guide for each course which indicates how the course aligns with focus areas of the NPTS.

Inquiry in the Science Classroom

Inquiry in the Science Classroom

Learn to use authentic inquiry with your students today! This course is aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Science and provides strategies for addressing Science Inquiry Skills in any science learning regardless of the discipline.
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Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

Explore digital collaboration and its ability to engage students and deepen content understanding.  Learn to plan and implement successful collaborative activities and find out more about how collaboration helps students develop 21st century thinking skills and prepares them for the global world.      Learn more >

Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms

Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms

Discover new strategies for assessing students’ understanding and 21st century skills.  Implement student-centred assessment throughout the learning cycle.  Find out how to manage increasing student data and use it effectively to improve outcomes for all your students.      Learn more >

Project-Based Approaches

Project-Based Approaches

Design authentic, real-world projects which meet curriculum objectives, and the support materials needed to ensure student success. Find out how to use digital tools and resources to enhance project –based learning activities for all your students.
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  Mobile Learning Improves Student Outcomes

  Explore Intel’s resources for mobile classrooms

  Includes teacher professional learning courses;

  · Moving Into Mobile Learning

  · Creativity in the Mobile Classroom

  Mobile Learning resources are globally relevant and have not been localised for Australia