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Transformative Education, Lasting Achievement

Uncover the essential ingredients for system-wide change

The quality of education impacts everyone: students, employers, communities, and societies. So when we prepare students to accomplish more, we also inspire them to tackle local and global challenges. That contributes to a better workforce, expands innovation, creates opportunities for growth, and builds stronger communities.

At Intel, we know that a comprehensive approach is necessary to transform education. That’s why we have invested over $1 billion dollars and close to 3 million employee volunteer hours to improve teaching and learning environments in 70+ countries over the last decade.

Our Systemic Approach

Our Systemic Approach

Through our long-standing dedication to education, we’re delivering fresh insights, unique programs, and holistic solutions to help educators, government officials, IT professionals, and other leaders inspire excellence in students.


The Seven Essential Education Components

People respond to leaders who envision better outcomes, communicate them clearly, and implement a defined path to completion. See why it’s so important for organizations to support effective, empowered decision makers at multiple levels.

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Professional development
Educators, like students, succeed when given the proper tools, training, and inspiration. Discover professional development resources that make the most of modern, personalized learning environments and technology tools.

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Research and evaluation
It’s important to assess, refine, and improve the components of your educational programs continuously. Successful education reform should be based on future outlook, and should incorporate program data from the outset in regular evaluations and measurements.

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Effective policies
Transformative policy is systemic, aligned, action-oriented, and sustainable. Build your reform efforts on scalable policies that protect students, maintain data privacy, and advance teaching and learning with technology.

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Information and communications technology (ICT) programs
ICT provides the foundation for systemic transformation. ICT delivers the tools needed to enhance teaching and learning and support student-centered learning environments.

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Curriculum standards and assessment
Ensure that students gain critical skills and knowledge to succeed. By combining strong curriculum standards with accurate assessments, you can more effectively measure students’ knowledge, skills, and progress across various subjects.

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Sustainable resourcing
Wise technology choices set a path for long-term sustainability. See how digital curriculums, online assessment, and classroom and learning management systems can improve resource and time management for more personalized learning.

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We’re here to help
Intel® Education product and technical experts are available to provide you guidance for your organization’s implementation plans.

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