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Allow State Textbook Funds to Be Used for PCs and Digital Content

Case Brief Districts should be given the authority to use state textbook funding to purchase digital materials—and the PCs to run them. Challenge Solution Impact Prepare students for 21st century world: Texas school districts need to provide students with proven resources to help them meet not only state achievement goals but also the challenges of post-se...condary education and the modern workplace. Empower local school districts: Some schools and districts have met this challenge by bringing into the classroom both state-approved textbooks and research-based and/or locally developed software programs. Districts should be given the authority to use state textbook funding to purchase digital materials (approved by the Commissioner of Education to increase student achievement) and the PCs to run them. Money saved: Currently, districts must use local funds to purchase digital materials. When districts are allowed to apply textbook funds to these purchases, they will be free to use local funds for other purposes, including savings. Student achievement raised: If districts are allowed to purchase digital instruction materials that have been proven to raise achievement (and approved by the Commissioner of Education), student will better meet performance goals. The flexibility to combine textbooks with digital materials will help educators tailor instruction to differ styles of learning. Accountability aligned with decision-making: School boards, schools and teachers are held accountable for their students meeting achievement goals. They should be allowed to make their best decisions on what materials will help their students meet those goals. All across the Lone Star State, teachers are using a combination of state-approved textbooks and computer technology to deliver a 21st century education to their students. Young minds employ digital programs to solve math problems, devise science experiments, compare literary texts, and create resumes. Allowing districts to purchase PCs and state-approved digital instruction materials with textbook funds will save districts money and raise student achievement. Computers and digital technology provide students with dynamic learning materials that have the flexibility to meet multiple challenges. Additionally, they offer teachers valuable professional development opportunities. New PCs with Intel® processors give students the leg-up they need for the future awaiting them. They deliver faster performance for complex multitasking, provide greater security to protect district networks, and can slash energy usage by 50 percent. New PCs with Intel® technology also drastically reduce support costs and system downtime. And that’s good for everyone: good for students, good for school districts, and good for Texas. © 2009, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Read the full Allow State Textbook Funds to Be Used for PCs and Digital Content.

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