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Intel® Technology for Musicians

The speed and responsiveness to create amazing music

Make and record music with equal virtuosity

Whether you rock out in the garage or create complex arrangements in the studio, Intel innovations can be powerful additions to your creative process. Learn the many ways they can help you work faster, expand your potential, and get dialed into the sound you’re after.

Work faster

Work faster

Intel® technologies speed up workflow at all levels of music creation. Whether you work on a customized, professional-grade digital audio workstation (DAW) or a portable laptop-based DAW, the latest Intel® innovations deliver the raw speed and multitasking responsiveness that allow your creativity to flourish.

In terms of processing power, new Intel® CoreTM i5 and Intel® CoreTM i7 processors deliver the throughput and responsiveness musicians need, while the Intel® CoreTM i7 processor Extreme Edition gives you the ultimate in creative performance.

Expand your sound

Expand your sound

Lay down more tracks. Plug in more effects. Add more instruments. Discover the latest Intel technologies—from multi-core, multi-threaded processors to high-performance chipsets to solid-state drives. You’ll gain the computing power to record, edit, mix, and master a full symphony of sounds without dropped notes or common latency issues.

Enjoy optimized workflows

Creative spotlight: The Superstars Competition

Intel puts you at the intersection of music, creativity, and technology. Together with OurStage.com*, Cakewalk Music Creation Software*, Gibson Guitars*, and others, Intel sponsors this annual songwriting competition, with the ultimate winner being selected by participating fans on Facebook*.

Enhance speed and reliability

Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs) deliver blazing speeds compared to traditional spinning hard-disk drives and, with no moving parts, provide more reliable storage for your irreplaceable creations. Plus, new Intel SSDs feature Intel® Smart Response Technology, further accelerating performance by serving as a cache between your system memory and your existing hard drive.