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Wireless Access

Take advantage of a better, faster wireless experience

As video and bandwidth-intensive application use increases, users demand better coverage and data speeds. Intel® architecture meets telecom industry and mobile service provider needs for more efficient ways to manage network operations while maintaining returns on investments and lowering total cost of ownership.

Lower cost while accelerating innovation for performance and user experience

Intel architecture-based solutions help manufacturers and service providers enhance performance and user experience with the deployment of smart cells, Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN), and software-based services.

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Boost capacity with smart cells

With industry partners, Intel researches smart cells to cost-effectively improve system capacity, performance, and bandwidth efficiency through local storage availability.

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Cloud radio access network

C-RAN moves communications signal processing to a centrally located virtualized base station, providing power management features for accelerating innovation, lowering costs, and enabling new revenue opportunities.

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Software-based services

Enable service providers to streamline software development to introduce new services and reduce costs without major infrastructure overhauls, maximizing the value of existing resources.


More Information

Interactive demonstration: WiROI* Tool

4G operators can see the impact Smart Cell technology can make using the WiROI Business Case Analysis Tool.

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