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Editor’s Pick: Data Center Bridging, Convergence


Editor’s Pick: Data Center Convergence Webinar

Ethernet Alliance: Current State of Affairs for Data Center Convergence Webinar

Data center bridging and convergence are defined and current standards explained. Henry He of Ixia and Chauncey Schwartz of QLogic describe how companies can adopt convergence and data center bridging as well as best practices for test methodologies. Includes detailed hardware information, use cases, and how to deploy with minimal disruption to the existing infrastructure, beginning with the first step of convergence: Begin convergence at the edge. Later, data centers can converge at the core with an Ethernet network that can handle all LAN and storage traffic. This gradual approach delivers immediate benefits. Listen to this webinar to learn about this important topic and evaluate how it might fit with your own data center initiatives.

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Henry He and Chauncey Schwartz
August 25, 2011