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Editor’s Pick: Client Computing Podcast

Cloud and/or client computing with Dr. Neil Roodyn

Cloud and/or Client Computing with Dr. Neil Roodyn

Check out this episode of CodeCast* where Ken Levy, president and founder of MashupX, LLC interviews technology consultant Dr. Neil Roodyn on the scenarios around client computing and cloud computing. CodeCast, The Late Night Show for Developers, is a developer-targeted podcast. In this podcast, Dr. Roodyn discusses applications running in the cloud; documents hosted in the cloud; and rich clients that use the cloud as part of the solution, with more and more of a mixture of client and cloud within applications rather than one versus the other.

Dr. Roodyn discusses the current cloud computing trend and the tendency to want to push everything to the cloud. He takes the position that the best experience will always be directly to the device, leveraging local computer power such as saving and caching. By using rich clients together with cloud services, you can achieve a superior experience.

Listen to the CodeCast podcast with Dr. Neil Roodyn from June 21, 2011 >