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Cisco VXI* Smart Solution Improves Barcelona’s Citizen Services

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Cisco VXI* Smart Solution Improves Barcelona’s Citizen Services

Barcelona moves to cloud-based application delivery and improves login times by 99 percent with Cisco VXI Smart Solution*

Barcelona, capital of the Catalunya region of Spain, prides itself on innovation. Towers by leading architects such as Jean Nouvel and Toyo Ito vie for attention on the city’s skyline with Antoni Gaudi’s iconic constructions. And Barcelona has positioned itself as a future-oriented smart city by signing a Cisco Smart+Connected Communities* agreement and leading an urban transformation called the City Protocol.

However, the technological reality for the 8000 or so council workers tasked with providing front-line citizen services lagged behind the city’s futuristic aspirations. Their workstations were delivered over an infrastructure so outdated that login times had ballooned to an average of 15 minutes, and up to 40 minutes in extreme cases.

“People would switch on their computer and then head off for a meeting while it was booting up,” says Eduard Martín Lineros, director of innovation and ICT architectures at the city’s Institut Municipal d’Informàtica Hàbitat Urbà (IMI). “They would then leave the device switched on all week so they wouldn’t have to log in again. We had reached a level of total inefficiency.”

Conscious that that would increasingly hamper the city’s ability to deliver effective citizen services, IMI launched a project called NEMIC (noves estacions de micro-informàtica). Its aim was to enable the delivery of a fast and efficient virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

In addition to the NEMIC project, the city is embracing a transition to a cloud-based IT model to deliver new citizen services in a more efficient and faster way.

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