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Big Data Intelligence Begins with Intel

Make a big difference with big data

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Big data represents game-changing opportunities for organizations to solve real business problems. Here you can learn about big data, get help planning for it, and see how Intel is in a unique position to help you with software, technology, and tools built for the demands of big data–intensive projects.

Learn the big data fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals

Everyone is talking about how big data can help transform enterprise. But what is it? What capabilities are required to keep up? How can you use big data to make informed decisions? Why is it valuable? How can you take advantage of it?

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Plan your big data project

Plan your project

Once you understand the fundamentals of big data, you can start planning your project. Streamline the process and create a roadmap for success using our practical tools, resources, and planning guides.

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Decide on a big data solution

Decide on a big data solution

Your next step will be to select the right products. In addition to powerful servers, Intel also offers the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software. This proprietary framework includes Apache Hadoop* and other software components optimized by Intel with hardware-enhanced performance and security capabilities designed to enable a wide range of data analytics.

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