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Raising Visibility in a Global Marketplace

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Raising Visibility in a Global Marketplace

China is the world’s largest and fastest growing automobile market.

Sophisticated in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices are one of the new ways leading automakers and IVI device vendors in China are differentiating themselves in this highly competitive market segment.

For automaker HawTai Motor* and IVI device vendor Bluestar Technology,* utilizing Intel® processors in HawTai’s IVI device and co-branding with Intel through the Intel® Brand Advantage Program provides an important competitive edge.

The HawTai B11* automobile, with its onboard Bluestar Technology IVI device, was unveiled in April 2010 at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, and also showcased at some 2010 automotive events. These included the Beijing auto show and the Intel IVI Experience Zone in the HawTai booth at the GuangZhou auto show.

We recently talked with Wang Xiaodong, vice president of HawTai Motor Group, and Li Zheng, general manager of Wuhan Bluestar Technology Co., Ltd who discussed the advantages of the Intel Brand Advantage Program.

According to HawTai Motor, its new B11 sedan is the first production car in China to come with a factory-installed intelligent IVI device and one of the first in the world.

The Intelligent Decision System TIVI* in the HawTai B11 was developed by Wuhan Bluestar Technology and is the world’s first production IVI device to carry the Intel® brand. The Intelligent Decision System TIVI is based on the embedded Intel® Atom™ processor and a Meego*-based software solution from Red Flag Software,* Asia’s leading Linux* operating system vendor.

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